Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Minimalist NHL Posters

I found these via the Puck Daddy yahoo blog and thought they were so cool and a great idea, perfect for the blog. Graphic artist Mike Chuhon created "Minimalist NHL Posters" for all 30 NHL teams. you can take a look and buy items such as posters or shirts here He takes minimal elements of each teams logo and created a poster for that team in a simplistic interesting way, a lot of them look great so don't work as well as others I'd say but they are all pretty awesome, I liked so many of them I'm relieved he has a poster with every one (which I will surely be buying).


S.Preston said...

Thanks for blogging my minimalist designs. I knew some would be better than others, but I gave myself the rule, to stay True-To-The-Logo.

Enjoy. You can buy these at

Nate said...

That's what I meant by "doesn't work" because of the logo (only so much you can do)I love almost all of them that's why I'm going for the poster with all the teams will save money and space haha, great Idea!