Friday, March 28, 2014

Dominik Hasek Art

For long time followers of the blog and anyone that knows me personaly, you know Domink Hasek is my favorite NHL player of all time. It's nice to see the Sabres and Hasek have had a better relationship now than when he requested a trade to the Redwings, it probably has a lot to do with the new Sabres ownership, who is doing a great job in bring back Sabres alumni except a few *cough*Lafontaine*cough*.
Before tomorrows game the Sabres are inducting Hasek into their hall of fame and I made sure I got a ticket to attend. The Sabres also just announced today they will retire his number next season in which I'll be sure to attend as well.  So here is a recent art piece I recently did of the Dominator, drawn in ink and colored digitally. I got this piece printed on canvas and hanging up in my rec room, one of my favorites.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Roger Crozier by Thomas Harding

Thomas has been a regular contributor to the blog so I created a link in the artists section on the right side of the page if you want to view all of his work. He has sent in some great old time goalie drawings, and each is better than the next, in my opinion.

Here he submits his drawing of Roger Crozier playing goal for the Detroit Red Wings. As a Sabres fan, and yet to be born during his playing days, What I knew of Crozier is that he was was the 1st Sabres goalie and played some big games for the Sabres in the 1970's and played in the infamous fog game in the cup finals in 1975 against the Flyers.

Thanks for your continued submission of your art for the blog Thomas!

Roger Crozier

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ryan Miller: Traded but Sabres related Art anyway

Well it finally happened, the Buffalo Sabres have finally traded Ryan Miller and then the franchise feel apart as Pat Lafontaine "resigned" as President of Hockey Ops. So while my team tries to pick up the pieces with quite a few draft picks and a new GM in Tim Murray who I like so far, I'm a Blues fan for the rest of the way.

I think Ryan Miller will go down as my 2nd favorite goalie behind Hasek, for what he did in the mid 2000's with the Sabres are great memories for me as well as winning the Vezina in 2010 and what he did in the 2010 Olympics. I have a number of Ryan Miller Art work I haven't posted yet as I was looking through my archives, so here are 2 that I recently did this year. The 1st one was drawn in ink and colored digitally the 2nd was drawn all digitally.

Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller