Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hockey in Art Contest: The Winner

Well the voting ended last week and the numbers have spoken...the Winner is Scott! Who entered his baby food artwork of Sidney Crosby, which was previously featured. For those of you that don't know Scott runs the website Fogoos.com which features artwork made out of food, with a large variety of subjects be sure to take a look. Again Special thanks to The Fan Zoo for sponsoring the contest with the prize, be sure to check out their site and browse around, a great place to get memorabilia for any hockey fan.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hockey in Art Contest sponsored by The Fan Zoo

Here are all 4 entries for the Hockey in Art Contest, Hurry up and vote in the poll to the right. Winner receives a $50 gift certificate for The Fan Zoo!

Contestant 1.  Shelly Bryant, a Prisma coloured  pencil drawing of Alex Burrows.

Contestant 2.  Leauphaun, a pencil drawing of Henrik Sedin

Contestant 3. Scott from foogos, Sidney Crosby, Black: prunes (surprisingly delicious)  Gold: squash (Surprisingly horrific…do  not give this to your babies) White/cream: bananas with apples and pears (unsurprisingly enjoyable)

Contestant 4. Nick, Marker illustration of Carey Price, and touched up  in Photoshop.

Voting goes to December 15th, winner will be announced on the 16th.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hockey in Art: Hockey art contest round 1

Two submissions so far for the 1st Hockey Art contest for the blog sponsored by The Fan Zoo and they are both good ones. I also would ask anyone submitting work to also let me know what medium you used to create the artwork, it will probably help the voters. Submissions are being taken until December 12th for a $50 gift Certificate to The Fan Zoo online store!

The 1st submission is from Shelly Bryant and is a Prisma coloured  pencil drawing of Alex Burrows.

The 2nd is from a contributor to the blog Leauphaun, a pencil drawing of Henrik Sedin...or is it Daniel?

So far both submissions are Vancouver related...submit your artwork to NFG801@AOL.COM by December 12th to be eligible for the voting!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hockey in Art: Art Contest

I'm pleased to announce the 1st contest here on the Hockey in Art Blog. The Fan Zoo is sponsoring the contest and the winner will receive and online gift Certificate of $50 to their store. The Rules are simple as there aren't that many rules, just submit any hockey related artwork, any type of art work just has to be created buy you! That's it! E-mail me at NFG801@aol.com Submission period is now to December 12th, then I will take the submissions and have an old fashion vote off (all-star style) for the winner to be announced on December 15th! So hurry up and submit your work! Can be an easy way to turn your artwork into a great Christmas present!
Special thanks again to the Fan Zoo for making this possible, great people to work with check out their site Here.
Just to have some sort of Artwork here is a sketch I recently did of Ryan Miller in Pen...Nice to see he does have some fight in him after the Tootoo run.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Foogos: Sidney Crosby...or crosbaby?

Alright I am a Sidney Crosby fan, no matter how many times he has upset me making a fool of Ryan Miller in the 1st Winter Classic and the Olympics, but he's just really good and I'm partial to the Penguins having lived in Pittsburgh for years. Scott over at Foogos Here created this portrait of Sidney Crosby out of baby food I just had to post it, the underlining meaning of using baby food, poking fun that a lot of the Crosby haters refer to him as a bit of a baby, just great. What makes Scott's projects so interesting is not only that it's logos or artwork out of food is the underlying meaning of the type of food used for the particular piece that puts his work above any other food related art work...if there is any.