Thursday, December 1, 2011

Foogos: Sidney Crosby...or crosbaby?

Alright I am a Sidney Crosby fan, no matter how many times he has upset me making a fool of Ryan Miller in the 1st Winter Classic and the Olympics, but he's just really good and I'm partial to the Penguins having lived in Pittsburgh for years. Scott over at Foogos Here created this portrait of Sidney Crosby out of baby food I just had to post it, the underlining meaning of using baby food, poking fun that a lot of the Crosby haters refer to him as a bit of a baby, just great. What makes Scott's projects so interesting is not only that it's logos or artwork out of food is the underlying meaning of the type of food used for the particular piece that puts his work above any other food related art work...if there is any.

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Foogos said...

Thanks, Nate!

BOOOO, Crosby!