Monday, July 23, 2012


Kevin Lynch sent in a series of what he terms as SportNic's, it is a series of stylized goalie artwork for each NHL team that he drew by hand. I love the style and look of them and the team logos on the goalie pads as well as incorporated through out the equipment is a great touch although I don't believe they are all represented to be Chris Mason (See Jets pads). Kevin sent in several different samples of his SportsNic's from different teams, I'll post more at a later date, as Kevin says he is working on several more and a new series as far as how he came up with the style: "It's a character that comes out of years and years of sketching and playing Goalie." As well as creating these goalie ones for several different years he also has a VintageNic(59-80) Series, and a few smaller 'Nic Series, like Olympic,NCAA, and MN High School 'Nics. Thanks for sharing Kevin

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Peter Forsberg AKA the Terminator by Diel

Diel Sent in this awesome airbrush piece of Peter Forsberg as the Terminator, alas we almost thought he was the terminator in his attempt to comeback and play in the NHL a few seasons ago only to last a few games, if he is a machine he should really look into getting his ankle replaced.

From Diel: Airbrush on a aluminum plate the one and only terminator in hockey history!!