Monday, July 23, 2012


Kevin Lynch sent in a series of what he terms as SportNic's, it is a series of stylized goalie artwork for each NHL team that he drew by hand. I love the style and look of them and the team logos on the goalie pads as well as incorporated through out the equipment is a great touch although I don't believe they are all represented to be Chris Mason (See Jets pads). Kevin sent in several different samples of his SportsNic's from different teams, I'll post more at a later date, as Kevin says he is working on several more and a new series as far as how he came up with the style: "It's a character that comes out of years and years of sketching and playing Goalie." As well as creating these goalie ones for several different years he also has a VintageNic(59-80) Series, and a few smaller 'Nic Series, like Olympic,NCAA, and MN High School 'Nics. Thanks for sharing Kevin

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