Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Playoffs Canucks Vs. Kings

Finally back, been busy working on tons of drawings for the playoffs...Just like in years past I try to have one artwork for each team in the playoffs and a post with both of them, as always reader submissions are a great help and give different perspectives. So here...we...go!

So far this series is quite a surprise how the Canucks can't seem to get any offense for one of the most touted offensively talented teams. Kesler has gone down a couple notches in my belt from watching this series, he has been of my most respected players in the NHL, granted I don't see many Canuck games games being on the east coast but the blatant dives he has preformed over the series, just losses respect, I know all teams have players that dive and embellish but there's a certain level where your just shaking your head and Kesler for me has reached that level (and beyond). The  biggest reason the Kings are up 3-0 is because of Quick, he is one of my favorite goaltenders in the NHL to watch play, he's very acrobatic and isn't one of the straight up strictly butterfly goalies. He is always playing down low, its just fun to watch a different style and I hope it continues to work for him. Another story in the series has been Luongo, while I thought he played well so far in the series besides a few dribblers around the pads (I believe if he had smaller or form fitting pads a lot of those kinds of goals on him would go away, they just look too big and clunky) he was replaced by Schneider in game 3 which couldn't produce a win or a goal. Hopefully Luongo will be back for game 4 and the series goes on. Here are two drawings of  the goaltenders for the teams Roberto Luongo and Jonathan Quick.

Roberto Luongo

Jonathan Quick

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