Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gerry Cheevers

Steve Mantz sent in his stippling illustration of Gerry Cheevers. Steve writes "I normally work in pen and ink, occasionally watercolor and sometimes both. I hope you enjoy it."

Thanks Steve, thats some great stippling work, would love to see more of your work to add to the blog. I'm greatly appreciate you sending it in.

I have been busy lately with work and other prospects lately but I have accumulated a lot of work by you guys and some I have uncovered old and a few new pieces. I'm going to try and do a post or two a week and I love all the old time hockey art work I've been getting through the lockout so I will try to do a feature that I stole from twitter or instagram (I don't know which) "Throwback Thursday" I have some old time or not as new hockey art work, so keep those art works coming. Speaking of which you can follow me on twitter: Ngandt and instagram: nfg801, I'm in the process of adding all my artwork onto intragram.

As for the season so far, the Sabres are awful, Ruff got let go in a necicary but still emotional move for a Sabres fan, basically my team seems to be a mess and is not sure what to make of it's self. Hopefully some new direction will help out a lot and as I'm typing they lose to the Hurricanes and a strong preformance from the Hurricanes 3rd string goalie Peters.
How about the amazing run from the blackhawks, I'll have to have some blackhawk realted posts soon or maybe not (don't want to jinx it).
Thank's to everyone for reading the blog!

Gerry Cheevers

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