Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hockey Art: Kelly Ackerman

I'm taking a bit of a break on my art work now, I have some other projects to work on, and just sit and soak in the Cup finals, in the mean time, Kelly sent me an e-mail linking me to her tumblr site which she has several pieces of her work posted, I was quite impressed. There are several high quality portraits posted, there are a few non hockey ones (and just a few) but I would urge you to spend some time going though her tumblr and view all her portraits, especially if you're a Penguins fan!  Kelly is a Pittsburgh-based portrait artist and graphic designer. She started drawing Penguins in 2009, would frame the originals and gift them to the players if they stopped after practice or a game, so far she's given one to Crosby, Orpik, Fleury, Rupp, Dupuis, Letang, Talbot and Cooke. I might suggest drawing a portrait of Fleury making a save and give that one to him for positive reinforcement (couldn't hurt).  And sure anyone could do that, I doubt any NHL player would refuse a gift such as that from a fan, but as a testament to her work, Talbot contacted her later and ended up using her portrait of his infamous "shhhh" pose for the artwork on t-shirts he sold through his website. I posted that piece and my favorites below be sure to check her out
Maxime Talbot

Evgeni Malkin

Jordan Staal

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