Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NHL Eastern Conference finals: Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers Mad Men Style art

Well my bracket was ruined for the 2nd round, I had the Bruins and Penguins for the Eastern finals. The Rangers currently have a 2-0 series lead on the Canadiens and it's not looking much better for them with Carey Price going down in game 1 and subsequently out for the rest of the series. Price is no doubt a huge part of this Canadiens team and changes this series significantly in favor for the Rangers in quality of goaltending. Unless the Rangers just try to coast for the rest of the series it looks like they will be moving onto the cup finals.

I recently got into Mad Men, I started last season and I recently caught up with the series via Netflix. With the mid series finalie this week I was inspired to create Mad Men like graphics for the four conference final teams. I'll be posting the Western Teams tomorrow.

Here are the Montral Canadiens and New york Rangers in Mad Men Style art.