Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild

Playoffs! As mentioned the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs start today, the most exciting time of the year, and even though my team the Sabres were out of the running weeks (some say months) ago I still try to watch every game. Until they're out of it, I will be rooting for my adopted team, the Pittsburgh Penguins to win it all. Though I haven't been watching the Western Conference a lot because I'm on the east coast (so I have an east coast bias) but Chicago seems the popular pick, I have a feeling the Blues may make a run this year after learning a lot last year in getting crushed by the kings, as long as their goaltending remains strong.

So to start off the run of playoff match up art is the Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild featuring Patrick Kane and Mike Rupp respectively.

Patrick Kane

Mike Rupp

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