Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Draw the Jerseys: Brian Schuster

I came across Brian Schusters' art work via Instagram, and was toughly impressed with the vast amount of quality pieces on his site. I do admit that the title of his site (Draw the Jerseys) threw me off, I guess I was expecting drawings of various jerseys but after clicking and viewing the art gallery section I was just amazed and shocked because I wasn't expecting the type of art work that was there. He does have artwork for other teams though it's mostly of the Chicago Blackhawks, so if you're a Blackhawk fan, I'm sure you won't be disappointed be sure to check out his site www.drawthejerseys.com and click on the Art Gallery and prepare to be amazed, just a sample of the many great artwork he has there.

Marián Hossa

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane

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Brian Schuster said...

Thanks for the blog! This is Brian, artist and owner of drawthejerseys. Very cool to see you post this! Thanks for the kind words!
And yes, I can draw just about anything. If you have Facebook, add me on there (the "friend" page for- Draw TheJerseys. I post all my newest artwork on there. Haven't been able to update my actual web site in a while now. Thanks again!
Brian Schuster