Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Frozen Rampage

Frozen Rampage is the game that has been keeping me busy most of this summer as well as the better part of a year, as it was around last November when my friend Aaron came to me with this idea and we began to mash it out. For those of you who play Miniature games, it's a take off of Blood bowl. It's a hockey Miniatures game in a fantasy world setting, where orcs, humans, elvs, dwarfs face off in their respective style hockey gear.
As an artist, endless designs were running through my head, I have been working on the look and design of the characters, logo's and brand for the game. It came to a head late this summer when we finally got the prototypes for the games produced, I know it's my own work but I was impressed with the game seeing it all assembled.
However, because it looked so impressive to us, we basically just rushed it out on the website kickstarter. We didn't foresee the parts that still needed some work. without getting it play tested much and with my time and energy focused on the artwork and Aarons on the logistics we created some rough concepts for the actual miniature prototypes which turns out, understandably, people would want to see actual quality miniatures before investing in the product. We also wanted to hype the game more and had sent it out a several game reviewers, our mistake was sending it out right when our kickstarter launched so sadly we puled the plug on our kickstarter campaign early to buff out the kinks and work on the miniatures.
The good news is for all our backers and any one just reading this can follow the progress at our website The reviews for the prototype games we have sent out have largely been positive and mainly suggestions in rules, but everyone was impressed how we were able to translate the game of hockey into a board game and make it fun and competitive and bloody.
 I thank everyone who has or intends to support this game, and expect it to be back up in a few months and believe with the changes and updates to the game it will take off and we will be able to do more with it, and from the comments so far, the board and most of the artwork will stay generally the same, every reviewer really liked that aspect of the game. Thank you to everyone who has or will be supporting the game, I'll be sure to post when the game is up again.

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