Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hockey's Masked Men from Michael Slotwinski

If you haven't already checked out Michael Slotwinski's site please do so here. He has several new paintings of goalies since my last post featuring his work. Also be sure to read his blog on the site, he has a interesting post about his paintings being on display during the NHL Alumni Dinner just before the start of the new NHL season. I've posted some of my favorite new paintings below, as someone who loves to do goalie artwork I know it can be hard to express a feeling out of the work, Michael is able to capture that exceptionally in his paintings, even when you cant even see the eyes or face, the perspective of the paintings set a nice tone. He is also a great person to follow on twitter, he will frequently post pictures during the painting process @slots_art

Roberto Luongo

Carey Price

Andy Moog

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