Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 Playoffs San Jose Sharks vs LA Kings

I thought this series would be just as great as the St. Louis and Chicago series has been, however it has been quite the opposite. Game 3 was a pretty good back and forth game but games 1 and 2 were routs by San Jose were the Kings looked like they never even showed up for the game. game 4 is tonight and San Jose has a chance to make the 2nd sweep of these playoffs.

I Picked LA in 7 for this series and thought it was pretty much a toss up pick, I think it will be the winner of this series vs the winner of St. Louis and Chicago for the Cup finals.

 Here is a digital drawing of San Jose Sharks Logan Couture and a sketch of Jonathan Quick of the LA Kings done with a ball point pen.

Logan Couture

Jonathan Quick

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