Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014 Playoffs ST. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawks

I thought, like may others, this series would be the best of the 1st round match-ups and so far everyone who said that is right, the Blues won the 1st two game scoring late to tie and in overtime in each and then Chicago won 1-0 in game 3 at home. Personally I have a rooting interest for the Blues because I would like to see Ryan Miller win and it would impact the Sabres draft pool but with the Blues ending their regular season so terribly I picked Chicago to win the series in 7. After 3 games it has been a hard fought series with both teams having their peaks and valleys through the series thus far, it's still a tough series to predict a winner.

So here are two of my digital drawings of St. Louis Blues defeseman Alex Pietrangelo and Chicago Blackhawks forward Brandon Saad.

Alex Pietrangelo

Brandon Saad

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